A Few Words about Taste:

Sensations are how we take in the greater energy field - and taste is the foundational sense by which we create balance or imbalance in our biological energy fields with foods.

There are six recognized energetic tastes and they are listed here - along with their associated primordial vibrational frequencies.

MMmmm! Taste Qualities Attributes
Sweet Water and Earth
cold heavy
slow/dull static
oily smooth
gross cloudy
Sour Fire and Earth
hot dry
dense hard
Salty Fire and Water
hot light
subtle liquid
smooth/slimy soft
Pungent Fire and Air
dry light
mobile rough
sharp/penetrating subtle
Bitter Air and Ether
cold light
dry rough
mobile subtle
soft clear
Astringent Air and Earth
dry rough
slow/dull dense
hard sticky/cloudy

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  • Pitta Kapha - Anti-Inflammatory • Anti-Congestive
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