Energetic Weight Loss

The key to any health-promoting activity, including weight loss, is the progression to balance.

What should be striven for is to live in a more harmonious way, rather than to seek weight loss itself. Balance is achieved in a multiple of simple, life-transforming activities.

If you can achieve better balance in your life, the natural consequence will be to return to a more natural weight. The first step is to intend to create balance in your life, rather than to lose weight.


  • Detach from the notion of weight loss
  • Follow the nutritional guidelines appropriate for your energy pattern
  • Follow the food incompatability guidelines
  • Follow the digestive fire guidelines
  • Neti pot once a day for one week and do every other week
  • Drink 40 ounces of fluid per day (to include that which is taken with meals)
  • Get daily exercise