Want to Feel Your Best Every Day?

We all want to live healthy, fulfilled lives... right?
Foods Heal, written by Dr. Bill Dean, describes a fresh, new, and exciting approach to nutrition and lifestyle that promises improved overall health and well-being - whether you are struggling with health challenges OR presently feeling well.

Q.) How does 'Energy Science' work?

Our current way of viewing foods is incomplete. However, if adjusted to also consider the energy-field component of the mindbody, we can improve the quality and length of life. The energy science model suggests nutritional guidelines and lifestyle choices that help us develop the skill of being healthy. Health is not something we hope for. Health is a skill that we cultivate.


Q.) Why an Energy Model for Nutrition?
A.) The Energy Science model is more complete in the way we view nutrition and here are some reasons:

It is not enough to know the molecular composition of a food. We must know how that food interacts with our own individual energetic mindbody physiology.

A system of nutrition is not just about foods. It should convey additional information such as: when is the best time to eat our biggest meal of the day? Why is the digestive enzyme system of the gut so important - and how do we improve it? What are the proper uses of energetic digestants? Can we elucidate what a "normal" bowel pattern is? What food combinations are poor choices?

Energy field scientific nutritional information can begin to give us a glimpse of a system of prevention. Presently we have a system of early dis-ease detection using only the matter field approach.

Foods produce balance in the mindbody physiology. Conversely, all foods (even vitamins) can lead to dis-ease if they produce imbalance. We don't see any problems with tomatoes, but for seventy percent of us: we should not be consuming this nightshade. We think cranberries are good for urinary tract infections - when from an energy perspective they are not - and predispose many to urinary tract stone dis-ease.

Carbonated drinks are not good due to their imbalancing nature.

Thirty to forty percent of us should not be consuming seafood and fatty meats such as beef, duck, lamb, and pork while freshwater fish and white chicken and white turkey are good choices.

It is clear that our current model of nutrition is not working well. We are more obese than we were twenty years ago and we have a crisis with childhood obesity. Chronic illnesses are more of a problem than ever. We desperately need a system of early intervention which empowers us as consumers.

The one lifestyle choice we make everyday is: which foods we are eating. Now, any food that is not understood energetically has the potential to create imbalance and make us sick. Therefore, we have the possibility to improve our health by avoiding those foods. Not everything that is at the grocery store is fair game! We need to become more selective about our food choices. Our new energy-centric view of nutrition - called Energy Science - helps direct those choices.



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