Dr. William Dean, MD is a practicing physician and surgeon in Tacoma, WA.

Dr. Dean promotes Health & Wellness worldwide by teaching and sharing Energy Science with us.

He blogs at: drbilldean.com

About Dr. Bill Dean, MD

Dr Bill Dean is a practicing physician and surgeon in the field of urology. He practices mainstream medicine as he learned it in the 1970's and how he has practiced since 1980.

The tools that he uses in his practice measure the molecules and structures of the body.
X-ray examinations measure sizes of masses or stones; blood tests measure molecules as lipids and PSA; heart and pulmonary studies measure functions of the body to be sure that it is safe for people to undergo operations that he proposes to his patients. When he does operations and removes organs for cancer, he physically alters the body and then studies the organs and measures cancer size and spread. Blood is wet and bone is hard in the matter field of the physical body. The solidity of matter that we sense with our senses is reassuringly real.

In the last 10 years he has learned how to become aware of a subtler way of seeing the mindbody as an energy field. The mindbody is not only a matter field but an energy field as well. He realizes now that if he takes off his matter field glasses that he uses everyday and puts on his energy field glasses, he can enter a new realm of healing that not only supports his matter field work but has expanded it beyond his wildest dreams! Oddly enough, this energy field approach is simple and elegant and complements his matter field work. Foods are foundational to our energetic heath and either heal or harm us.

This website is an introduction to healing by seeing ourselves and the foods that we consume as energy fields. In so doing we can begin seeing nutrition in a more complete way.

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