Energy Science: The Philosophy of Foods Heal

Health is not something we hope for. Health is a skill that we cultivate.
— Dr. William Dean, MD

This site briefly explains Energy Science - an exciting, new, nutritional system based on an energy model of healing practiced as traditional medicine for centuries in India, known as Ayurveda.

Traditional Oriental Medicine and Middle Eastern disciplines adopted similar energy models. These traditions developed elaborate and sophisticated systems for healing based on the idea that the mindbody is an energy field. By making adjustments in lifestyle, food choices and exercise with this energy field in mind, healing responses in your physiology result. These systems of healing were actually the beginning of preventative medicine.

This site deals with the nutritional application of the energy science Ayurveda.
You can take a shortcut at this point to discover your particular energy pattern and begin your nutritional journey or read on to educate yourself on this system.

Currently, the science of nutrition, like our contemporary healing discipline, is based on a matter-field approach which focuses on measuring molecules. It becomes a quantitative assessment of food. Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins are measured and then we are said to know all there is to know about food. But all it can do is tell you a lot about the foods that you eat - it cannot tell you about the effects the food will have on YOUR energy mindbody.

But as justifiable as seeing the mindbody as a matter field, we can put our energy field glasses on and see it as an energy field. The energy field concept is qualitative, and includes three energy types called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Also ten pairs of Primordial Vibrational Frequencies - or qualitites - need to be in balance. Getting in touch with your energy field means to get in touch with sensations. Are my hands too hot or too cold? Does my right leg feel lighter than my heavier left leg after I have done a yoga pose? Is my skin rough and dry or smooth and oily? Is my energy mindbody gross or subtle compared to my gross matter field mindbody? Is the tissue of the mindbody soft or hard? Are the changes in the lower legs with varicosities due to stasis of blood causing them to be heavy and dense? Or is the blood mobile and the legs light and liquid? Is the mucous from the nose clear or cloudy? Is my mind too mobile and full of thoughts or is it depressed and static? You can begin to understand your energy field only when you become aware of these sensations and what you need to do to promote balance in your energy field.

Our current way of viewing foods, if adjusted to also consider the energy field component of the mindbody, can improve the quality and length of one’s life. The energy science model suggests nutritional guidelines and lifestyle choices that help us develop the skill of being healthy. Health is not something we hope for. Health is a skill that we cultivate.