Getting Started

Who Are YOU, Energetically?

In the medical energy science of Ayurveda, there are three identifiable energy patterns in Nature.
They are: Vata, the energy pattern of movement; Pitta, the energy pattern of transformation and Kapha, the energy pattern of stability.

Most of us are combinations of these biological energy patterns, with two predominant energy patterns in our physiology. Rarely, is there equal representation of all three energy patterns in our physiology.

At the root of any given disease in your mindbody are food choices that do not promote balance and harmonize with your constitution. This varies according to your unique energy pattern. How do you know which foods are good for you and which are not?

Take the mindbody questionnaire and then follow the specific nutritional guidelines that resonate with your physiology the best. To find out your unique energy profile, just answer the questions below:

Check the boxes (below) that are most similar to you. You may check more than one box.

I am thin, lanky, and slender with prominent joints and thin muscles.

I have a medium, symmetrical build with good muscle development.

I have a large, stocky or round build. My frame is broad, stout or thick.


Low: I may forget to eat or have a tendency to lose weight.

Moderate: it is easy for me to gain or lose weight if I put my mind to it.

Heavy: I gain weight easily and have difficulty losing it.


My eyes are small and active.

I have a penetrating gaze.

I have large pleasant eyes.


My skin is dry, rough or thin.

My skin is warm, reddish in color and prone to irritation.

My skin is, thick, moist and smooth.


My hair is dry, brittle or frizzy.

My hair is fine with a tendency towards early thinning or graying

I have abundant, thick and oily hair


My joints are thin and prominent and have a tendency to crack.

My joints are loose and flexible.

My joints are large, well-knit and padded.


I am a light sleeper with a tendency to awaken easily.

I am a moderately sound sleeper, usually needing less than eight hours to feel rested.

My sleep is deep and long. I tend to awaken slowly in the morning.


My hands and feet are usually cold and I prefer warm environments.

I am usually warm (regardless of the season) and prefer cooler environments.

I am adaptable to most temperatures but do not like cold, wet days.


I am lively and enthusiastic by nature. I like change.

I am purposeful and intense. I like to convince.

I am easy going and accepting. I like to be supportive.


I become anxious and/or worried.

I become irritable and/or aggressive.

I become withdrawn and/or reclusive.








How to Interpret your Responses
Take the two highest scores and this is your energetic footprint.

Your Energy Profile
Follow the nutritional information specific to your energy profile and you will be on your way to improved health and healing. Each of these nutritional guidelines are discussed in detail in Foods Heal.

If the two highest numbers identify you as Pitta Kapha or Kapha Pitta...
Then you would follow the Pitta Kapha nutritional information found here:
Pitta Kapha - (Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Congestive)
If the two highest numbers identify you as Pitta Vata or Vata Pitta...
Then you would follow the Pitta Vata nutritional information here:
Pitta Vata - (Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Degenerative)
If the two highest numbers identify you as Vata Kapha or Kapha Vata...
Then you would follow the Vata Kapha nutritional information here:
Vata Kapha - (Anti-Degenerative & Anti-Congestive