Use a churan (spice powder)

A meal will bring about satisfaction if all 6 tastes are provided. 

Spices are more than just making food taste good. Their primary importance lies in the fact that they improve digestive fire. That is, they are digestants. 

A churan (which means 'powder') is made of spices that provide the tastes of sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent.  So a meal of French fries with a churan - although not completely nutritious from a matter field or molecular perspective - is complete from an energetic perspective because all 6 tastes have been provided. 

Sprinkling the below herbal combinations on prepared  food or better yet including them in the cooking will ensure that the meal includes all 6 tastes. Equal amounts of each and then individualize by adding perhaps more cardamom or cinnamon according to your own desire. 

Pitta-Vata Pitta-Kapha/Vata-Kapha
Fennel seeds Black pepper
Cardamom Cinnamon
Cumin Cumin
Coriander Fenugreek
Tumeric Tumeric
Sucanat Sucanat
Sea salt Sea salt

The amount of each of the herbs is left to individual taste. It can be surprising to us how satisfied we can feel when using these herbal combinations with our meals.  This is because we receive all the nutritional vibrational frequencies to bring about balance in the physiology. 

Have we ever gotten up from eating a meal having consumed enough food but still feeling hungry?  Energetically the reason for the lack of satiety or fullness after a meal is the lack of one or more of the six tastes.  By and by using this will promote better bowel function, create satiety and best of all enhance the digestive fire.

Another simple recipe that we can use is:

Sweet 1 part sugar, Sucanat or turbinado crystallized cane sugar
Sour 1 part lime or lemon juice
Salty pinch of rock salt
Pungent pinch of cayenne pepper
Bitter pinch of turmeric
Astringent ¼ tsp of fenugreek powder