The Energy Science Way

Our current way of viewing foods, if adjusted to also consider the energy field component of the mindbody, can improve the quality and length of one’s life. Energy Science suggests nutritional guidelines and lifestyle choices that help us develop the skill of being healthy.

The energy field concept is qualitative, and includes three energy types called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Also, there are ten pairs of primordial vibrational frequencies (or qualitites) that need to be in balance.

The building blocks of nature are these ten pairs of primordial vibrational frequencies. They are:

  • HeavyLight
  • Hot/Cold
  • Sharp/Dull
  • Rough/Smooth
  • Dry/Oily
  • Soft/Hard
  • Liquid/Dense
  • Subtle/Gross
  • Mobile/Static
  • Clear/Cloudy

Throughout this website the terms primordial vibrational frequencies and qualities will be used interchangeably.

These primordial vibrational frequencies group together to form universal energies of nuclear (Space or Ether), electromagnetic (Air), solar (Fire), chemical (Water) and mechanical (Earth) identified energies.

The biological energy patterns are made up of these universal energy patterns, Vata (Space & Air), Pitta (Fire and Water) and Kapha (Water and Earth).

The primordial vibrational frequencies that compose these biological energy patterns are the same vibrational frequencies that aggregate as the energy pattern of taste.These qualities then serve as the common link between foods and our own energetic mindbodies.

To energetically function in life we need three basic energies:

  • Vata is the energy of movement in the mindbody. Anything that deals with movement from blood, nerve impulses to thoughts is done by this energy pattern. This biologic energy pattern is comprised of the Universal Energies of Ether and Air and has the vibrational frequencies of light, cold, dry, mobile, rough, subtle, and clear. Vata Blog

  • Pitta is the energy of transformation in the physiology. Anything that deals with transformation of one state to another is done by this energy pattern. So for example Pitta is involved in the release of energy at a molecular level when ATP goes to ADP; when a piece of broccoli is changed into heart, liver, and brain cells Pitta is being used. When we are reading and digesting this information we are using this energy pattern to transform ourselves. The biologic energy pattern of transformation is formed by the combination of the Universal Energies of Fire and Water and has the qualities of light, hot, sharp/penetrating, mobile, liquid, and oily. Pitta Blog

  • Kapha is the energy of stability in the energy field. Anything that establishes stability and protection such as the musculoskeletal system lubrication is maintained by this energy pattern and Water and Earth are its constituents.  The vibrational frequencies for this energy patterns are heavy, cold, slow/dull, static, sticky/cloudy, oily, liquid, slimy/smooth, gross, hard, dense, and soft. Kapha Blog