Balance & Increase Your Digestive Fire

Digestive fire is a collective term for all the enzyme systems that are present from the mouth to the lower colon. When you have a good digestive fire, your mindbody can compensate for the mistakes that you make when in eating foods that are in the “No” column of your nutritional guidelines or appear on the poor food combination list. After years of making these mistakes, an accumulated imbalance in the GI tract begins to make the you sick. Preserving or making the digestive fire healthy is of prime importance.

Following are some guidelines for the balancing meal to help you make that fire robust and that are best for optimal health:

  • Eat your biggest meal routinely at noon
  • Only eat when appetite is ready for the experience of food
  • Don’t eat snacks between meals
  • 2 handfuls or use a rice bowl that fits comfortable in cupped hands the amount to eat at any one sitting
  • Drink all beverages at room temperature — Ice is not nice
  • Fast on juice alone once a week
  • Scrape your tongue after brushing to stimulate digestive fire
  • Try to always sit to eat
  • Eat at least one meal every 2 or 3 days in silence
  • Exercise regularly
  • Try to not eat when emotionally upset or bored
  • Try to not eat large meals late at night
  • Use a churan or spice powder
  • Drink milk separate from meals