Primordial Vibrations

Ten pairs of primordial vibrational frequencies are the building blocks of nature. They are:

  • Heavy / Light
  • Hot / Cold
  • Sharp / Dull
  • Rough / Smooth
  • Dry / Oily
  • Soft / Hard
  • Liquid / Dense
  • Subtle / Gross
  • Mobile / Static
  • Clear / Cloudy

Throughout this website the terms primordial vibrational frequencies and qualities will be used interchangeably.

These primordial vibrational frequencies group together to form universal energies of nuclear (Space or Ether), electromagnetic (Air), solar (Fire), chemical (Water) and mechanical (Earth) identified energies.

The biological energy patterns are made up of these universal energy patterns: Vata (Space & Air), Pitta (Fire and Water) and Kapha (Water and Earth).